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Executive Search

Is your company ready for the next big hire? 

It’s time to look at hiring differently. The current employee’s market we’re in has been ushered in by the rise of digital and a changing workforce due to the pandemic.


With a lot of competition for talent out there, companies are looking for individuals that have both deep skills and broad strategic thinking. Exceptional leaders who can take the organization to new levels while having strong performance for the bottom line: Transformational Leaders.

Succession planning is also critical. Finding talent to deliver while finding leaders for the future. Someone who can succeed in their role and leverage a diverse set of skills to engage, retain and develop top talent while elevating others to peak performance.


With deep expertise in Retained Executive Search and a combination of skills and experience in Assessment, Human Resources, Organizational Development and Executive Performance, I’m able to quickly clarify business needs based on culture, existing teams, skillsets and company objectives to create a profile for the ideal candidate, and leverage an expansive network, built over a ~30-year career, to identify and attract top talent in diverse industries.



Partnered with the board and conducted an organizational assessment and national retained executive search to find a high-performing and innovative CEO. After placement, conducted a 6-month onboarding coaching program to set the new hire up for success.

Conducted nationwide search for a CTO to support the build-out of digital capabilities for a thriving firm.


Worked closely with Board of Directors, Transition Committee and staff members to conduct nationwide search and provided a 6-month onboarding coaching program for the new Chief Executive Officer


Conducted nationwide search to fill the need for this influential member of the senior leadership team.


Conducted a nationwide search during the pandemic to find a new CEO to create a strategy and grow and strengthen the organization's mission.


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Decision-making backed by data

The Hogan Assessment is an industry-leading tool used to assess someone’s strengths, values and how they react under stress. The insight gained through the Hogan paints a clear picture of how a candidate will perform and fit into the role, current culture and the future. This can be used to inform the creation of a development plan to set the new hire up for success within their first 90 days and beyond for a strong Executive Assimilation.

Ready to find that executive who will take your company to the next level?

I've been on both sides of the recruiting process and I've seen it all, from inexperienced recruiters eager to close out the search to disappointment from leadership when a candidate didn't work out. I've also seen magic happen when the right person is found. I love helping people and organizations thrive and getting the opportunity to do both is not something I take lightly. I'm personally committed to exceeding expectations and doing everything I can to deliver.


I look forward to discussing your needs, and how my expertise can help you and your organization,



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