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What makes my career transition program unique? I am an expert in the full lifecycle of career management starting with “what I want to do when I grow up” to landing the role and executive onboarding.

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Over almost 30 years in Human Resources & Retained Executive Search, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews and trained countless HR professionals to do the same. I’m bringing that expertise to the other side of the hiring process and love giving people tools to identify, prepare for and land a job they love with a career roadmap for the future connected to your life purpose.

Whether you have time off between roles or you’re maintaining your current job during your search, your focus can be on self care, enjoying life and re-calibrating on what your wish list looks like for the next stage in your career. Let’s build your confidence.

Your program and individual sessions are customized based on where you are in your process and where you want support, but some common focus areas include
  • Designing your ideal role
  • Refreshing your resume and
    LinkedIn profile
  • Your networking pitch
  • How to use LinkedIn, Networking and
    Target Lists to find opportunities
  • Interview prep
  • Offer negotiation
  • Onboarding
We will work together to create a wish list for your next role. This is an opportunity for you to design your next move and what the bullseye opportunity might look like, assessing factors like: 
  • Type of Role 
  • Company Culture
  • Size of Company
  • Location
  • Title
  • Compensation
  • Development 
  • Lifestyle

We’ll start by assessing your skills, capabilities and experience to remind you of who you are and what you’re looking for. This will help us create clarity to focus on the ideal role for you in the future.

This is where the Hogan Assessment can be very helpful by reminding you of what your strengths are and what you value to develop personalized strategies to stay motivated.

What behaviors do you need to remind yourself that you might overuse during times of stress? How can you leverage your network and assets to accelerate success and build strong relationships to land and nail your next role? Let’s find out.

Success Stories

I'm so proud of my clients. Together we have achieved incredible success in executives landing and performing successfully in new roles by clarifying their goals, committing to the program and working hard to make it happen.

Recent Engagements

CEO - Mutual Insurance Company

CEO - Global Energy Company

Head of Field Marketing - Software Company

Head of Human Resources - Private Services Company

​Head of Financial Services Sector - Private Start Up

“It is difficult to imagine a more effective advisor than Christine for my career transition. She offered incredibly helpful advice and support through every phase of the process – initial resume development, comprehensive interview preparation and final offer negotiation. My scheduled sessions with Christine were always enjoyable and extremely helpful, and her open offer to text or call for impromptu advice proved to be invaluable given Christine’s impressive talent for strategic messaging. Christine’s genuine, personal approach made me feel as though I had a partner and a friend through the dynamic and often emotional process of career transition.”

-CEO in Renewable Energy

"The thing I like about Christine is that she helps coach the whole person, not just the business side of things. She helps you find and bring your A game. Your mileage may vary, but within a few months of working with Christine, I landed a job with a 30% increase in salary! Not a bad ROI. It's obvious that her knowledge of the HR world is encyclopedic, but she never overwhelms you. Like an expert technician, she knows just how to pinpoint an issue and provide you with just the right information you need."

-Pharmaceutical Executive 

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