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Executive Team Retreats

The most successful companies I work with know that increased productivity, engagement and fulfillment start with helping their people understand themselves and how their unique strengths and level of wellness in key areas impacts their own performance and that of the broader organization.

Longview Vitality retreats bring teams together to grow and create stronger connections and trust through holistic experiences focused on Career, Physical, Mental & Emotional, and Spiritual Health.

Teams come away with a toolkit designed to help them leverage best practices in self development, keep their edge and maintain strong relationships both internally and externally.

Customized to You

Based on our initial conversations and organizational goals and objectives, we create a customized retreat experience to help the people who will take your company to the next level get aligned, connect to a shared purpose and supercharge their energy.

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The Experts

I partner with experts who are on the cutting edge of their respective fields with innovative approaches in areas like mental & physical health & fitness, nutrition, and personal development to help teams bring their best selves to work and life.

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Building trust for
team performance

Developing relationships develops the baseline of trust. Trust in the workplace is when team members and coworkers can rely and depend on each other. Individuals who know each other personally, and invest more time in engaging and supporting each other, can work through conflict and solve problems in a more effective way.

In our customized Executive Leadership Retreat, our collective focus will be on introducing new tools to identify and leverage best practices, develop strong partnerships internally and externally and share the benefits throughout the organization.

So how do we align teams for high performance?

Get personal first.

Most companies and executives want to get straight to business priorities, but without a strong foundation for mutual respect and psychological safety on the team, those priorities become harder, and sometimes impossible, to accomplish. Being in a remote or hybrid environment can make connection more difficult so we need to be intentional about creating opportunities and strategies to make it happen and ensure everyone has a voice.

Current State Assessment

We start with confidential 1-on-1 conversations where each team member has the opportunity to share their thoughts on what’s working well and opportunities for improvement. From there, I provide the leader with a thematic summary that will inform the creation of retreat activities.

Common opportunities for improvement include:

  • Decreased communication

  • Loss of connection and trust

  • Lack of established team norms and behavior

  • Undefined strategic plan, team goals and priorities

  • Individual performance and accountability


Ongoing communications guidance

Since communication is so important in building trust, I help the leader craft talking points and clear messaging throughout the process to ensure the team is engaged, aligned and committed to a successful outcome.

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Business Meeting
Giving a Presentation

Focused Team Development

Based on outcomes from the initial conversations and the objectives of the leader and organization, we create customized leadership retreats to help align teams and take them to the next level.

We start building trust by spending time together and getting to know each other personally. The idea is to keep fostering the team and how we interact with each other so we can support each other, solve problems together, create better ideas together, and become an even stronger unstoppable force in the market together.

From there, we can customize team development activities to fit your needs. Areas of focus include:

  • Redefining mission and purpose

  • Team norms and behaviors for success

  • Hopes, expectations, asks, commitments

  • Strategic plan

  • Team goals, priorities, next steps

  • Creating stakeholder plans

  • Bringing your best self to the team

Additional Discussion Topics

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Sample Retreat Objectives

Align on:

What the team will do together

  • Discussion: Gain clarity on shared goals and how each leader relates to the goals

Align on:

Differentiators to success

  • Collaborative culture: “We vs. I”

  • Consultative, servant leadership style

  • Growth mindset

  • What and how performance management philosophy

  • Transformational change management

  • (Matrix) Business relationship building

Align on:

How the team will work effectively together

  • Discussion: Team Values Norms and Behaviors

  • What makes a successful team?

  • Operating as ‘One Company - One Leadership Team’


Execution Plan Discussion

  • Change Management (ie: Rollout, Communication Plan, The role of Managers, Cascading Workshops, and ADKAR Leadership)

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Let's take your team to the next level

Book a consult below to talk about how we can create a customized plan for your team.

Have questions? Send me a message.

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