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5 Steps to Intentional Time Management

It feels like we all have way too much to do and not enough time to do it. Whether you are a corporate executive, parent, entrepreneur, student or fall into many of these categories, it’s time to talk TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS!


Write out Professional Priorities

This may be buckets of work, business priorities or objectives.

For Example:

  • Talent/team time (includes 1:1’s, staff meetings, town halls, etc.)

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Internal matrix time (meetings, preparing for presentations, budget)

  • Business development/external relationships

  • Professional development (training, conferences, associations, etc.)

  • Operations/technology


Write out 3-5 Personal Goals

What are you passionate about outside of work? Create goals for your personal development. Add action steps to your calendar.

Next: Write out 10 hobbies, things that recharge you and make you feel good

  • Massage

  • Meditation

  • Exercise

  • Family Time

  • Friends Time

  • Art, Music, Creating

  • Yoga

  • Reading

  • Travel


Color Code Your Electronic Work Calendar

Apply color coding to all of the meetings in your electronic work calendar for the next month. Do the same for your personal goals and self care activities.

Schedule time focused on completing the necessary action items for the professional priorities and personal goals.

Now insert personal time in your calendar. Schedule it in daily. (Self care is a really important lever for success!)


Weekly Prep

Each Sunday you will look at your electronic calendar for the upcoming week. Trust me, taking a little time out of Sunday Funday to set yourself up for the week really pays off!


See what professional meetings and appointments are on your calendar.

  • Insert prep time ahead to maximize these meetings.

  • Insert necessary meetings that are not on your calendar.

  • Utilize the color coding system to note what is missing.


Insert personal items for each day of the upcoming week​

  • What time will you exercise?
  • What night will you see friends?
  • When will you do yoga or meditation?
  • Are you holding blocked time for lunch?
  • What time will you stop working each day?


Planner Into Action

Now how do you complement this with your planner?

On Sunday after Step 4, you will write out your schedule in your planner.

Using pencil is key, because it will change and that’s ok. You want to adjust your calendar on items that are necessary and important for your success.

Each night before you end for the day, you look at the schedule and write in your tasks, to do’s and rearrange as needed.

The combination of the electronic calendar and your written planner is the intentional combination to maximize your time management and success.

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