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Preparing for Presentations

Tips to Increase Your Impact

So many people in the professional world have to present to an audience. Whether it is to their team, their leaders, CEO or Board, and/or external clients. These meetings are usually between 30, 45 or 60 minutes and can be intentionally planned and prepared for to maximize high performance.

The biggest mistake I have seen people make is that they talk too much about the details, or you leave not truly understanding the logic behind a decision or what the answer was. When someone does not plan appropriately, it may also feel like a run-on sentence, leaving the listeners confused and unsure of the outcome and the presenter disappointed in their own performance.

When you have a thoughtful and intentional plan, and use this methodology to structure your thoughts and input, the meeting runs smoother, you present with great efficacy and clarity, resulting in a positive impression and hopefully the outcome or goal achieved that you intended.

Start with what the answer is or what everyone needs to know by the end of this presentation, in a clear, concise and succinct manner.

Group and summarize your supporting arguments. Logically order them.

As an example, when presenting to a leadership team, let’s say an executive asks a question — “What should we do?” — using the ‘Pyramid Principle’ you start your response with, “You should do X,” very crisply and directly. Only then, after you have answered the question, should you present your supporting reasons of why with the facts.

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Before You Get Started,
Ask Yourself These Questions


  • What is the goal of the meeting?

  • What should everyone know when you are finished? (start there!)

  • How do you want people to feel afterward?

  • Do you want them to take a specific action?

Honing And Practicing The Message
Once You Have Your Goals And Outline


  • Type out presentation

  • Say it out loud; time yourself for each section

  • Revise and adjust to be more succinct and clear

  • Role play and practice out loud with your coach, a colleague or a friend

Outline Of Presentation
(60-Min Meeting: Reduce Content For Q&A)


It’s tempting to fill the entire hour with content, especially when you have a lot to cover, but building time in at the end to engage with your audience on what you’ve shared gives context and helps create a stronger connection to the material.

If people seem a little quiet as the Q&A begins, turn the tables and ask them questions to get a conversation going and help them see how your information can benefit them directly.

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You want to capture the audience’s attention quickly, so bring out your best stuff in the opening. 



What you want to share/accomplish in your time together. This provides important structure for the audience and lets people know what to expect, which will help keep their attention focused. 



  • 5-10 min Item A

  • 5-10 min Item B

  • 5-10 min Item C



Stated a bit differently with a punchline as a summary of A, B, C



This is your call to action. What do you want people to do or know after the presentation? Drive the point home and leave them with something memorable. 


20-MIN Q&A

Think about questions people might ask in advance and prepare thoughtful answers so you’re ready. Have some additional material ready in case you have a quiet crowd. 

Body Language, Mindset, Motivation And Presenting With Confidence:


In my experience, these items make or break the presentation and successful outcome.

There are methods to increase levels of confidence and strategies to overcome mindset challenges. These energy undertones are important components to the delivery and overall tone of the presentation and conviction in your message.

Gesturing with your hands, smiling, looking people in the eyes and pace of tone will help smooth over any nervous feelings that may be jumping inside your body. We learn how to turn this nervous energy into excitement and enthusiasm as a multiplier effect.

Looking For Feedback Or A Coach To Help You Prepare?


I offer individual sessions to help professionals create presentations that deliver.


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