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Customized Hypno Meditation


Christine Bilotti-Peterson

High Performance Coach

Specializing in Mindset and Behavior Change

Are you ready to feel more positive and energetic in 2023?


I have a solution to help you get into that incredible, positive state of flow where you feel optimistic and confident with increased mental and physical energy. 


I've been doing meditation and hypnotherapy together in a customized recording to get my brain ready for 2023 and this experiment has really been game changing for me. 

If you're in a repeated negative cycle in your brain, if it's difficult for you to get up, if you don't have any energy or even if you just want to change the way you think about something, this is the perfect solution for you.

Book an intake call with me below. 

We'll talk about what's holding you back and I'll create a customized hypno meditation that you'll listen to each day for 21-28 days that completely shifts your mindset.

Investment: $222

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