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I leverage ~30 years of human resource experience to coach and consult
with companies to deliver on all human capital needs.

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"Human Resource leadership has the opportunity, now more than ever during our current health, political, economic and world climate (pandemic, culture and engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion) to strengthen companies and leaders to deliver now and in the future through strong executive and change leadership through their Human Resource Transformation efforts."

-Christine Bilotti-Peterson

In a new, post-pandemic world, companies have to do HR in ways they’ve never done it before if they want to compete and succeed now and in the future. 


Leaders are focused on developing a strategy to overcome countless business, industry and regulatory challenges and to relaunch with new approaches in customer satisfaction, operations, innovation and technology, but their people will be the driving force in bringing that strategy forward.


My HR Consulting focuses on communication and investing in talent to address gaps by engaging, developing and upskilling people. This helps companies create a culture of flexibility and agility that impacts the bottom line and improves employee experience.

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Focus areas include

  • Organization Design

  • Talent Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Change Management & Communications

  • Employee Engagement

  • Recruiting

  • Compensation

  • Culture

  • DEI

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I combine my coaching and HR background for a unique coaching experience designed to increase the performance of human resource leaders.


Who should consider this unique offering:


  • Newly placed Chief Human Resource Officers

  • Current CHRO’s looking to take performance to the next level

  • Boards or CEO’s looking to develop their human resource partners

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