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It can be lonely at the top. I act as an owner/C-Level advisor & coach as well as HR leader for talent and workforce needs.

I'm a trusted partner to cheer a leader on and to hold them accountable to reaching their goals. Through a proven, customized coaching plan, I work with businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries to leverage their strengths and address gaps to reach and maintain high performance. 

Early in the relationship, we will assess the needs of your organization. In most cases, the relationship ends up being a combination of Leadership Development, Business Coaching & HR Consulting.

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Coaching Process

Hogan Assessment + 90-Minute Debrief

We’ll start by assessing your skills, capabilities and experience to remind you of who you are and what you’re looking for. This will help us create clarity to focus on the ideal plan for your personal and professional development in the future, so you’re at your best and your business thrives. 

This is where the Hogan Assessment can be very helpful by reminding you of what your strengths are and what you value to develop personalized strategies to stay motivated.

What behaviors do you need to remind yourself that you might overuse during times of stress? How can you leverage your network and assets to accelerate success and build strong relationships to achieve any goal? Let’s find out.

In-person, video or phone sessions

Your program and individual sessions are customized based on where you are in your process and where you want support, but some common focus areas include:

Leadership Development

Operations & Operating Rhythms


Marketing & Sales


HR Consulting

Intentional Time Management

Clarifying Goals

Positive Mindset & Motivation Techniques

Action Plan with clear goals & expectations

Text and email access
between sessions

I work with leaders of large and small organizations facing challenges like:

  • Leading an organization

  • Strategy

  • Communication

  • Talent management

  • Effective time management

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Self confidence challenges

  • Lack of identity

  • Seeking greater fulfillment

  • Social anxiety

‚Äčand other limiting behaviors as well as how to utilize unique strengths to overcome them.

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