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Ready to start every day on the right foot? Join our 21-Day AM10 Challenge and transform your mornings into a time of productivity, positivity, and self-care! From September 5 to September 26, experiment to find 10 activities that will help you win the morning, win the day, win the year. Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your mornings and achieve your goals. Join the challenge today!

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Why is a morning routine important?

An intentional focus on your morning can be the exact catalyst need to change or accelerate your results and accomplishment for the year.


It sets the tone for the day and productivity. Positive results multiply.


It allows you to control your schedule vs. letting your schedule control you.
Intentional time management on your most important priorities, personal and professional goals provides the structure for success in your day. 


It increases your self confidence, resilience, self worth and respect. Self Care is keeping your commitments to yourself. Starting the day positively increases success and positive mindset.


It increases overall wellbeing: mental, spiritual and physical health while reducing stress and anxiety and increasing optimism and generating a positive law of attraction energy.

The Challenge:

Create the lifestyle you deserve with healthy habit stacking. Try these different activities during the 21-Day AM10 Challenge to create a morning routine that will help you Win the morning, Win the day, Win the year.

Level 1

  • Wake up btw 5-6
  • No electronics until you have coffee
  • Meditate for 10 min before getting out of bed
  • Get out of bed and make bed
  • Drink 8 oz of warm water with lemon
  • Have coffee and a natural and healthy breakfast

Level 2

  • Get outside for a walk and sunshine (min 20 min)
  • While walking say 3 things you are grateful for
  • Take supplements

Level 3

  • Work out or do Yoga (min 20 min) in addition to your walk
  • Cold shower techniques
  • Coconut oil pulling

High Performance Hacks: Nightly Prep

Set yourself up for success by getting ready each evening.

  • Pack your lunch.
  • Pack your kids' lunches.
  • Decide what to wear the next day. 
  • Put your workout clothes out. 

Take care of anything that might derail you from your 10 morning-winning routines.

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Win the morning, win the day, win the year.